Summer Social – Meet Your Neighbors

Summer’s in full swing and we’re always asked about the best way to meet the neighbors. Well, we’re taking the guessing work out of it for you. Here are our 5 ‘Must Do’s’ when it comes to being the social neighbor.

1) Introduce Yourself When You’re Settled In: It can be a little awkward smiling across the way when you’re the new guy in town, but taking some initiative will take the guessing work out of the silent exchanges.

2) Be Prepared: Since you’re new to the neighborhood, people are bound to ask you the ‘W’s’. Where’d you move from? Who’s living with you? Being prepared to answer accordingly will help ease the nerves of the first conversation.

3) Be the Host: Now that you’re moved in and organized, invite people to stop by one night for a hot dog (or beer). A cookout now may just win you neighbor of the year and some long-lasting friends.

4) Be Courteous: Don’t be the neighbor that throws a giant, loud party the first week you move or cranks up the lawn mower at 6AM on a Saturday. That will begin to shape the rest of your relationship while living there. A simple way to think about it is, don’t do what you feel would potentially bother you!

5) Ask for Advice: Your neighbors have lived there longer, so a good way to break the ice is to ask for advice. What’s a good lawn care service? Around what time does trash pick up come? Do you recommend a good plowing company? It shows you’re planning on being a good home owner, and gives you an excuse to chat!

Here is a link to our recent newsletter where we talk about meeting the neighbors. Check it out!